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Tar and Chip Paving in Fort Ashby, WV

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When you need professional tar and chip paving in Fort Ashby, WV, call Liller Paving & Excavating. Tar and Chip sealing is a great option for creating a unique and personalized driveway. For those who do not know, tar and chip sealing is liquid asphalt mixed with stone.

First, we install a gravel base. And then we then pour the hot liquid asphalt over the top. Loose stones cover the asphalt, which is where personalization comes into play. Tar and chip driveways will work over existing asphalt if it is still in decent shape. Contact us by phone at (304) 726-7292. Please visit our photo gallery for past projects.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Tar and Chip Driveways

A tar and chip driveway’s most significant advantage is creating an attractive look. Compared to an asphalt surface, these durable driveways are much cheaper. Tarring and chipping a rough surface gives it good traction. In turn, making it less accident-prone.

Tar and chip driveways do not require sealing, which can be a standard maintenance tip for asphalt surfaces. The main drawback of chip seal driveways is that snow removal can be challenging because of their rough surface. However, you can have it constructed to prevent snow from accumulating on its surface.

Liller Paving & Excavating: Chip Seal Paving in Fort Ashby, WV

Our pavers take pride in constructing a durable tar and chip driveway for properties in Fort Ashby, WV, and beyond. Residents choose this option to save money while still getting a great deal. Please speak to our knowledgeable contractors about our chip seal driveway services.

We want to make sure you understand what comes with our service. If this style does not fit your idea, we can work with you to find a type that does. Call Liller Paving & Excavating today to speak to us about paving services.

We Proudly Provide Professional Tar and Chip Driveways and More

Liller Paving & Excavating takes great pride in providing our customers with premium chip seal driveways and more. When customers call us for any of our services, we understand their trust placed in our team. We will go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver our best work on every job. Your satisfaction is important to us, and our team feeds off of that.

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